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Catalogue nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld Rhododendron and Azalea

Welcome on the site of Plantentuin Esveld. This is the old site and does not get updated anymore! click here to go to the new and much improved site.

Rhododendron & Azalea

For the meaning of the codes see here. The Price-table for the Rhododendrons can be found here. The translation of the colours used is here.

Group 3a

Click on the links for pictures of the plants

Recommended literature :
James Cullen in association with the Royal Botanic Garden : Hardy Rhododendron Species

Pat Halliday : The Illustrated Rhododendron

Group 3a & 3b: Rhododendron yakushimanum.

Rhododendron yakushimanum are rather low, more or less spreading evergreen shrubs up to 125 cm. Leaves oval to obovate, dull green to graygreen. Underside covered with a yellowish indumentum or only sparsely so, sometimes glabrous. Flowers in tight trusses in pastel-colours, fading to white or light pink. Flowering period beginning to mid May, usually free flowering.

Rhododendron 'Anilin' red lilac A6 08
Rhododendron 'Bambi' salmon pink B4 09
Rhododendron 'Bashful' pink A6 08
Rhododendron 'Caroline Allbrook' soft lilac A6 03
Rhododendron 'Cream Glory' cream with yellow A6 -/- 04
Rhododendron 'Cup Cake' apricot B3 B/L 09
Rhododendron 'Doc' light pink A6 08
Rhododendron 'Dusty Miller' salmon pink B4 10
Rhododendron 'Edelweiss' white B4 -/- 09
Rhododendron 'Fantastica' bicolored pink A6 04
Rhododendron 'Golden Melody' white/yellow (05) B2 B/L 10
Rhododendron 'Grumpy' salmon pink A6 09
Rhododendron 'Hanano Ego' pink B2 05
Rhododendron 'Herbstfreude' pink (05/06) A5 B/L 10
Rhododendron 'Isadora' pink B2 -/- 05
Rhododendron 'James Burchett' pinkish white (05/06) A5 B/L 05
Rhododendron 'Kabarett' rose purple (05) A5 B/L 11
Rhododendron 'Kalinka' rose lilac A6 08
Rhododendron 'Kantate' dark pink A6 B/L 09
Rhododendron 'Karibia' yellow (05) A6 B/L 09
Rhododendron 'Ken Janeck' white B4 -/- 09
Rhododendron 'Knospe' A6 -/- 10
Rhododendron 'Koichiro Wada' A6 09
Rhododendron 'Lamentosa' white A6 04
Rhododendron 'Lampion' reddish orange B4 09
Rhododendron 'Lilofee' reddish purple A6 -/- 09
Rhododendron 'Love Song' light pink C1 -/- 09
Rhododendron 'Lumina' light pink A6 08
Rhododendron 'Marion Street' pink and white A5 -/- 10
Rhododendron 'Marlis' rose/white A6 08
Rhododendron 'Morgenrot' rose red B4 09
Rhododendron 'Naselle' rose red (05) B2 -/- 10
Rhododendron 'Palle Christensen' pink A6 -/- 05
Rhododendron 'Papageno' pink A6 B/L 09
Rhododendron 'Parsifal' rose red B4 09
Rhododendron 'Percy Wiseman' salmon pink A6 08
Rhododendron 'Piepmatz' red B5 10
Rhododendron 'Polaris' pink B3 09
Rhododendron 'Porzellan' white with blotch A6 -/- 08
Rhododendron 'Rendezvous' pink A6 08
Rhododendron 'Sammetglut' red B1 -/- 03
Rhododendron 'Schneekrone' white A6 08
Rhododendron 'Seven Stars' pink A4 B/L 04
Rhododendron 'Shrimp Girl' salmon red A6 09
Rhododendron 'Silberwolke' white B3 09
Rhododendron 'Sneezy' pink A6 09
Rhododendron 'Titian Beauty' red A6 09
Rhododendron 'Tonika' violet (05/06) B1 B/L 09
Rhododendron degronianum A6 -/- 05
Rhododendron degronianum heptamerum A6 -/- 05
Rhododendron degronianum hondoense A6 -/- 05
Rhododendron degronianum kiyumaruense A6 -/- 05
Rhododendron hyperythrum A5 B/L 04
Rhododendron makinoi 'Silber' A6 B/L 10
Rhododendron serotinum A6 -/- 12
Rhododendron yakushimanum A6 09
Rhododendron yakushimanum x R. degronianum A6 -/- 09

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