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On this page you will find links to other sites of interest. This page probably will be updated fairly often.

Effective micro-organisms Lots of information about the new way of growing plants eclogically with the aid of effective micro-organisms Language : DutchEffectieve Micro-organismen
The homepage of Dutch Plant Colleection Lonicera (climbing), which is located on our nursery. The site is maintained by one of our employees, who is also preparing a book on the subject. Language : DutchLonicera
The site of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society, the most important horticultural society in Holland. Information on the many activities including plant collections, judging of new plants and the many publications of the society. Language : DutchKVBC
Site of the Dutch Dendrological Society. Language : DutchNederlandse Dendrologische Vereniging
An important but relatively unknown arboretum in Germany, worth your visit. Language : GermanStiftung Arboretum "Park Haerle"
A place to see much of the Dutch plant trade in general. Language : DutchFlowerweb
A lot of information on the close-by garden Sortimentstuin 'Harry van de Laar' which is open to the public. Language : DutchSortimentstuin 'Harry van de Laar'
A good Dutch site with lots of links to ther green sites containing plant databases, journals etc. Language : Dutch'Tuinen'
The yearly International Trade Show Plantarium, held each year at the end of August. Language : DutchPlantarium
A German nursery specialized in hardy Rhododendrons. Language : GermanBaumschulen Hachmann
The best garden in Holland! Language : DutchTrompemburg Tuinen en Arboretum
Rosary and nursery for special garden roses in Boxtel, Netherlands. Language : DutchRozenbedrijf "De Vorst"
Site of the maker of the picture labels found on plants in garden centers Language : DutchFloramedia BV, Zaandam
A site with all possible information on Ginkgo biloba. Language : EnglishGinkgo biloba + bonsai
Information on plants, gardens, pruning, soils etc. Especially for Dutch conditions. Soon there will be a search engine containing all Dutch nurseries, garden centers etc. Language : DutchGroeninformatiepagina van Nederland
The site of the Dutch Hosta Society Language : DutchNederlandse Hostavereniging
Lots of information about the fascinating genus Kalmia Language : GermanKalmia
A lot of information on Dutch landscaping architecture and landsca architects. Lots of search possibilities. Language : DutchLandschapsarchitectuur Net
Site of the Belgian Dendrological Society with among other things their activity schedule. Language : DutchBelgische Dendrologische Vereniging
The official site of the Dutch Society of Amateur Gardeners. Language : DutchAlg. Verbond Volkstuinders Vereniging
Data and pictures on all plants in the Dutch trade is the claim. Not entirely true, but it is a fantastic collection! As guestuser you can see all the data and pictures. New data and pictures are added almost continuously. Language : DutchPlantScope
start page for other gardensites lots of links! Language : DutchEen startpagina voor andere tuinensites
A Dutch Travel organisation specially for garden trips, mostly to England. Language : DutchTuinenreizen
A Dutch gardening magazine with tips, calendar etc. Language : DutchMaandblad 'Tuinieren'
A German site with a lot of information on special garden ideas and a lot of links to other gardening sites. Language : GermanGartenimpulse
National Collection Passiflora The site of the Dutch National Collection of Passiflora with lots of information. Language : DutchNationale Collectie Passiebloem
A site where you can find pictures and suppliers by name of the plant. Language : DutchPlantago
Information on one of the most important gardens in Belgium Language : DutchArboretum Kalmthout
6 interconnecting gardens, each with a distinct character of 2 hectares. Ideal for group visits, now open. Language : DutchOp de Haar Tuinen Hoevelaken
A website about gardens and gardening in Holland. Language : Dutch'De Internettuin'
Thae National Gardening Associaton has a lot to offer, especially for the US. Language : EnglishNational Gardening Association
Boskoop ia all aspects. Many links Language : DutchBoskoop
Overview of Dutch-language garden- and gardening sites. Some are also in english. Language : DutchDe houtwal: tuin- en planteninformatie
A database with descriptions and prictures of rare and unusual plants. This database is continually expanding. Language : EnglishPlant Kaleodoskope
Search keys and many pictures of trees of our climate Language : DutchBomengids van Nederland
A very large collection of plant pictures, often of very rare species and cultivars, worth your visit. Language : EnglishDendrological Plant Image Gallery
How to prune, where, when and why Language : DutchSnoeiengids
Information about one of the best butterfly-gardens in the Netherlands. Language : DutchTripcal Zoo De Berkenhof
A long standing project for my (rare) free time: a catalogue of all known postmarks used in Alaska from Jan. 2, 1959 until Dec. 31, 1999. Language : EnglishAlaska
Online Bonsai Community meant to exchange information about Bonsai with among others a forum, a chatbox and interactive galleries. Language : DutchOnline Bonsai Community
For those interested in ferns, not only from a scientific standpoint, but also for the lover of ferns Language : DutchHomepage Nederlandse Varenvereniging
A site with links for the 'green' sector in the Netherlands and Belgium Language : DutchGroenwijzer Nederland en Belgie
This is a page that is used for finding hundreds of sites having to do with gardens, plants and gardening, all Dutch Language : DutchDe startpagina voor tuinen
A Dutch stamp society for the collectors of both the USA and Canada stamps and postal history. Language : DutchVereniging voor USA en CAnada Filatelie

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