Do you do retail or wholesale?

We do both retail and wholesale.

Do you have wholesale prices?

No, we do not. Wholesale customers get a discount based on quantity. But we do apply this system also to retail customers who happen to buy a larger quantity of a given variety too. For the discounts see this page.

Do you ship?

Yes. We can ship in principle to any address in any country. For some examples of shipping charges see this page, small shipments can often be sent by parcel post, for the se costs see here please.

When are you open?

Monday through Saturday 9-5. We are closed between De 20th and January 10th. In the period April until October we are also open on Sundays 12-5.

Are you ever open in the evening?

No. The reason is the lack of lighting possibilities as almost all of the plant shop is in the outside.

How can I pay?

In person in our plant shop payment in cash and using a Maestro bank card is possible, also a creditcard can be used there. Invoices for plants sent can be paid by bank using the IBAN code NL32ABNA0469521597 and BIC code ABNANL2A. Also you can use your creditcard through Paypal.