Rhododendron yakushimanum x R. degronianum

Hybrid of two Japanese rhododendron species. The size after 10 years is 100 cm. The flower colour is pink. This plant is completely hardy.

Family : Ericaceae

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Characteristics of this plant
type of plant : shrub
soil type : acid soil
planting place : all locations are ok
habit/form : compact growing
water requirement : no special watering needs
wind tolerance : not susceptible to wind
the plant is evergreen
height approx : between 75 and 100 cm
width approx : betweem 50 and 75 cm
flower colour : pink
leaf colour : green
fruit/seed colour : brown
fruit / seed period : september - october
leaf shape : leaves are oval
leaf size : between 3 and 5 cm
edibility : The plant is not edible
scent : not scented
flowering period : may
hardiness : completely hardy

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