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Catalogue Nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld : Trees and shrubs starting with U

Welcome on the site of Plantentuin Esveld. This is the old site and does not get updated anymore! click here to go to the new and much improved site.

Trees and Shrubs


Click on the links for pictures and descriptions of the plants.

The first price column gives the prices excluding VAT, the second column is including VAT. For more information see the Trade terms. The discount structure is found here. All prices are expressed in Euro (€).

You can also use our on-line plant shop if you want to order something!

Explanation of the abbreviations and codes used | Translation of the colours and other characteristics

Recommended literature :
Michael A. Dirr : Dirr's Hardy Trees and Shrubs

M.H.A. Hofman : Naamlijst van Houtige Gewassen

Don Ellison : An Illustrated Reference to Garden Plants of the World

Bruns Baumschulen & Hans-Dieter Warda : Das Grosse Buch der Garten- und Landschaftsgehölze

Flora Garten : Das Grosse Gartenlexikon

Royal Horticultural Society : Atrium Tuinplanten Encyclopedie

UGNI (Myrtaceae) stocklist Plant shop
tub plant; fragrant

Ugni molinae Order this pot 14.15 15.00

ULEX (Fabaceae) stocklist Plant shop
tolerates dry conditions; thorny; prefers acid sandy soil; gorse

Ulex europaeus Order this pot 4.72 5.00
Ulex europaeus 'Plenus' Order this pot 6.13 6.50
Ulex galli Order this -/-
Ulex minor Order this pot 6.13 6.50

ULMUS (Ulmaceae) stocklist Plant shop
usually large trees; sometimes prone to Dutch elm disease; elm

Ulmus 'Clusius' Order this B/L Full Standard 47.17 50.00
Ulmus 'Columnella' Order this B/L Full Standard 47.17 50.00
Ulmus 'Dodoens' Order this B/L Full Standard 47.17 50.00
Ulmus 'Lobel' Order this B/L Full Standard 47.17 50.00
Ulmus carpinifolia 'Pendula' = Ulmus glabra 'Pendula'
Ulmus carpinifolia 'Silvery Gem' = Ulmus minor 'Silvery Gem'
Ulmus carpinifolia 'Wredei' = Ulmus hollandica 'Wredei'
Ulmus glabra Order this B/L Full Standard 47.17 50.00
Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii' Order this Full Standard 47.17 50.00
Ulmus glabra 'Nana' Order this -/-
Ulmus hollandica 'Jacqueline Hillier' = Ulmus minor 'Jacqueline Hillier'
Ulmus hollandica 'Wredei' Order this -/-
Ulmus macrocarpa Order this -/-
Ulmus minor 'Jacqueline Hillier' Order this B/L stem 80 cm 23.58 25.00
Ulmus minor var. suberosa Order this -/-
Ulmus parvifolia Order this B/L 100/125 18.87 20.00
Ulmus parvifolia 'Sagei' Order this -/-
Ulmus uyematsui Order this -/-

UMBELLULARIA (Lauraceae) stocklist Plant shop
Small tree from California

Umbellularia californica Order this B/L pot 23.58 25.00

UNGNADIA (Hippocastanaceae) stocklist Plant shop

Ungnadia speciosa Order this -/-

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