This is a set of pages on all Alaska Post Offices and postmarks known during Statehood from Jan. 3, 1959 until Dec. 31, 1999. Please send any updates you might have to Dirk van Gelderen, Voorkade 74, 2771 ZB Boskoop, Netherlands, or e-mail me at

Last updated : 07/06/23

This catalogue is dedicated to the memory of my great friend Ray Fay, who passed away June 9th, 1997. He was my great inspiration and really got me hooked on Alaska philately back in 1984. His invaluable input and enthusiasm made me go all the way. He is greatly missed by all who knew him.

This catalogue has been greatly updated and rebuilt again in June 2003, so if you visited it before, please throw that away and start over with this new version. The catalogue is no longer made using a word processor, but produced from a database along with special programs that maintain these pages from that database. Any new information updates the catalogue automatically now. It also makes sure all links are working properly at all times.

A major addition to the old version is pictures! Most postmarks have been scanned and any new scan will automatically be detected by the updating software and added to the catalogue. In the catalogue they are given as links (which open in a new window), in the individual town lists they are shown directly below the postmark list. This is not yet complete of course, new scans are made whenever I find examples that I can scan. I will probably never find them all! Also poor scans are being replaced by better ones wherever possible and errors are being corrected whenever found. Also I regularly find new types, often on Ebay and these are also added to the database as soon as found. So come back regularly to check it out (an automatic update is generated at least twice a month).

This catalogue now is part of the website of the Alaska Collectors Club, the opening page of the site is found at The site is opened in September 2006.

In total there are 3919 records in the database. There are now in total 3825 scans present.

The listing per town including all postmarks, pictures, precancels, PVI labels etc.. There are 524 post offices, stations, branches etc listed here.

Catalogue of Statehood postmarks. There are 3071 postmarks listed here. There are 3047 scans of postmarks.

Catalogue of Statehood Precancels. There are 311 precancels listed here and scans are present of all of them.

Catalogue of Statehood Postage Meters. There are 330 postage meters listed here. There are 283 scans of postage meters present.

Catalogue of Statehood PVI Labels. There are 74 PVI labels listed here and all have been scanned. Since many fade by nature not all could be scanned very successfully.

Catalogue of Statehood Postage Permits. There are 66 postage permits listed here. There are 53 scans of postage permits present.

Catalogue of Statehood Bulk Rate Permits. There are 28 bulk rate permits listed here. There are 22 scans of bulk rate permits present.

Catalogue of Statehood (semi-)official cachets. There are 11 (semi-)official cachets listed here, all have been scanned.

Catalogue of Statehood Mailer's Postmark Permits. There are 24 Mailer's Postmark permits listed here. There are 23 scans of Mailer's Postmark Permits present.

Books, magazines, sites relating to Alaska.

Values of Alaska Postmarks.

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