A catalog of all known Alaska Bulk Rate Imprints of the 20th Century

This is a list of all known Bulk Rate Imprints used in Alaska during Statehood (Jan. 3, 1959) through the end of the 20th century (Dec. 31, 1999). I list here all permit numbers I have been able to find. I do not attempt to list different styles of imprints with the same number. Many mailers using these permits changed the style often, sometimes with each mailing. I try to show of each permit number one example. Please send any updates you might have to Dirk van Gelderen, Voorkade 74, 2771 ZB Boskoop, Netherlands or e-mail them to me. All help is greatly appreciated!

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This catalog is dedicated to the memory of Raymond A. Fay, a great friend who brought me into collecting this specialty. He passed away in 1997 and is greatly missed!


cat# description wording
X R01 NO NUMBER Bulk rate imprint Alaska Publishing Properties Inc / (3 different types)
R02 NO NUMBER Bulk rate imprint State of Alaska Dept. of Commerc / e & Economic Development
R03 NO NUMBER Bulk Rate Permit Alaska Magazine.
R04 NO 84 Cook Inlet Historical Society
R05 NO 125 Alaska Video Publishing Inc.
X R06 NO 414 unknown user
R07 NO 939 Alaska Natural History Society
X R08 NO 233 Senator Ted Stevens
X R09 NO 141 Capital Jewelry Distributors, Inc
X R10 NO 253 University of Alaska
X R11 PERMIT 101 Anchorage Cycle Sales
X R12 NO 508 John Devens for Congress
X R13 NO 89 Alaska Oil and Gas Association
X R14 NO 413 Friends of Higher Education
X R15 NO 418 Yukon Office Supply


cat# description wording
X R01 PERMIT 2 University of Alaska


cat# description wording
R01 NO 4 Bulk Rate Permit Alyeska Resort


cat# description wording
X R01 NO NUMBER Alaska Tourism Marketing Council
X R02 PERMIT NO 123 Catholic Community Service
X R03 PERMIT 61 Gastineau Channel Historical Society
X R04 PERMIT 200 Voting card
X R06 PERMIT 237 Hospice of Juneau
X R07 PERMIT 108 unknown
X R08 PERMIT 151 Gulyas for School Board
X R09 PERMIT 87 Echo Bay Mines
X R10 PERMIT 99 Landscape Alaska


cat# description wording
X R01 NO 107 Sons of Norway


cat# description wording
X R01 PERMIT 17 Orthodox Alaska