Alaska reading

1. Philatelic Books

James S. Couch: Philately Below Zero, a Postal History of Alaska. 1953-1957. Published by the American Philatelic Society. First published serialized in The American Philatelist. Softcover, 81 pages. History of many towns in Alaska.

Joseph J. Cavagnol: Postmarked Alaska, A saga of the early Alaska mails. 1957. Published by The Gossip Printery INC, Holton, KS. Hardbound, 107 pages, many illustrations. History of the postal services in Alaska including private carriers.

R.W. Helbock: Postmarks of Territorial Alaska, Third ed. 1986, published by La Posta Publications, P.O. Box 135, Lake Oswego, OR. Spiral bound, 238 pages, tracings and a few pictures. Lists, shows and values all known postmarks of the Territorial Period and also background information on the towns.

R.W. Helbock: Military Postmarks of Territorial Alaska. 1977, published by La Posta Publications, P.O. Box 135, Lake Oswego, OR. Spiral bound, 197 pages, tracings and a few pictures. Lists, shows and values all known military postmarks of the Territorial Period and also background information on the military installations and units.

R.W. Helbock and Don S. Dimpsey: Naval Postmarks of Territorial Alaska. 1978, published by La Posta Publications, P.O. Box 135, Lake Oswego, OR. Spiral bound, 262 pages, tracings and a few pictures. Lists, shows and values all known naval postmarks of the Territorial Period and also background information on the Naval installations and units.

CENPEX, Alaska's Centennial Philatelic Exhibition. 1967, Published by the Alaskan Collectors Club on the occasion. Paperback, 24 pages, some illustrations. 2 articles on Alaska postal history.

Ora B. Dickerson: 120 Years of Alaska Postmasters 1867-1987. 1989 First Printing, published by Carl Cammarata, Box 145, Scotts MI. Paperback, 73 pages, a few pictures. English. Lists all postmasters and post offices of the period.

Ken. J. Green: Stampede to Alaska, A History of Alaska in Postage Stamps. 1972, 24 pages, staplebound, pictures of stamps. A topical listing of stamps relating to Alaska.

Fred Lockley: Alaska's First Free Mail Delivery. 1966, 1972 reprint. 12 pages facsimile.

2. Philatelic Magazines

Alaska Collectors Club: The Alaskan Philatelist. Started in ?, ended in Sept 1973 with issue 80. Restarted in January 1976 with six issues per year, since 1995 4 issues per year. Every serious Alaska collector should be a member! Write to David Schwantes, Secretary/Treasurer, 8148 E. 4th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99504. Many back issues available.

3. Alaska Postal History Sales Catalogs

Harmers of New York, January 13,14 1977: Alaska Postal History, Literature and Memorabilia. 612 lots.

Richard C. Frajola, Inc. June 4, 1988: US Postal History with large section on Alaska. 201 lots.

Richard C. Frajola, Inc. Sept 10-11, 1988: US Postal History with large section on Alaska. 304 lots.

4. Books on Alaska geography

Donald J. Orth: Geological Survey Professional Paper 567: Dictionary of Alaska Place Names. 1967 published by the United States Government Printing Office. Hardbound, 1084 pages, 12 maps. English. The standard work on the geography of Alaska.

Aland Edward Schorr: Alaska Place Names. 1986 published by The Denali Press, P.O. Box 1535, Juneau, AK Paperback, 144 pages. An update of the previous book.


DeLorme Mapping: Alaska Atlas & Gazetteer. 1992 published by DeLorme Mapping, P.O. Box 298, Freeport, MN. Paperback, 152 pages. Topoigraphic maps of the entire state, city maps of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau, large index.

Heinrich Gohl: ALASKA. Vast Land on the Edge of the Arctic. 1970 Kümmerly & Frey Geographical Publishers, Berne, Switzerland. Hardbound, 140 pages plus 154 pictures. Lots of background information on the Alaskan nature, economy, history etc.

Insight Guides Alaska, 4th edition 1995 APA Publications (HK) Ltd. Paperback, 332 pages, many pictures. A guidebook for travel in Alaska

Hachette World Guides: Canada, Alaska, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, The Bermudas. 1967 published by Librairie Hachette, 79 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris, France. Hardbound, 1109 pages, maps. Old travelguide, good reading.

Sunset Travel Guide to Alaska. 1966-1980, published by Lane Publishing Co., Menlo Park, CA. Paperback, 112 pages. A guidebook for travel in Alaska.

5. Books on Alaska history

Kenneth J. Kutz: Nome Gold. 1991 published by Gold Fever Publishing, Seven Whaling Road, Darien CT. Hardbound, 240 pages, pictures of covers sent and a few of Nome. The story of the Gold Rush told in 100 letters written from Nome 1900-1902 to a girlfriend in Missouri.

Nicki J. Nielsen: From Fish and Copper. Cordova's Heritage and Buildings. 1984, published by the Cordova Hiostrorical Society. Softcover, 66 pages, many pictures of Cordova. The history of Cordova.

John Haile Cloe et. Al.: Top Cover for America. The Air Force in Alaska 1920-1983. 1984, published by Anchorage Chapter Air Force Association and Pictorial Histories Publishing Company, 713 South Third Street West, Missoula, MT. 262 pages, many pictures. History of the development of the Air Forces in Alaska.

6. Books on Alaska nature

D. Brown: Wild Alaska. 1972,1976 Published by Time Life Books. Hardbound, 184 pages. Describes Alaskan nature in text and pictures.

Bryan L. Sage: Alaska and its wildlife. 1973, published by The Hamlyn Publishing Group Ltd, Hamlyn House, Feltham, Middlesex, Great Britain. Hardbound, 128 pages. Alaska's nature at its best.

Robert H. Armstrong: A New, Expanded Guide to the Birds of Alaska. 1980-1988, published by the Alaska Northwest Publishing Company, 137 E 7th, Anchorage, AK 99501. Paperback, 332 pages. A field guide, well illustrated.

7. Books on Alaska people

Fred Bahovec: The First 100 Years. 1989, privately published. Paperback, 94 pages, about 10 pictures. English. The story of a 100-year old citizen of Baranof, who was from 1939-1959 postmaster there. Not much philatelic, but fun to read.

Breece, Hannah: A Schoolteacher in Old Alaska. 1995, published by ?. The story of a pioneer schoolteacher going to Alaska early 20th century.

Breece, Hannah: Een dame in het oude Alaska. 1995, published by A.W. Bruna, Utrecht. Dutch translation of the above.

Willy Lou Warbelow: Head Winds. 1987. Great Northwest Publishing and Distributing Company, Inc, Anchorage. Hardbound 215 pages, several pictures, English. Story of Marvin and Willy Lou Warbelow as bush pilots. Well written!

Willy Lou Warbelow: Empire on Ice. 1990, Great Northwest Publishing and Distributing Company, Inc, Anchorage Paperback 154 pages, several pictures, English. The story of two newlyweds who came to Shungnak in 1945. Mrs. Warbelow was postmaster there from 1946-1949. Well written!

Nicki J. Nielsen: The Iditarod, Women on the Trail. 1986, published by Wolfdog Publications, P.O.Box 142506, Anchorage, AK. Paperback, 73 pages, b/w illustrations. History of the Iditarod dog sled races with emphasis on the women competitors.

Edna Wilder: Once upon an Eskimo Time. 1987, published by Alaska Northwest Publishing CO., Anchorage, AK. Paperback, 185 pages, a few pictures. The account of a native Eskimo on their way of life.

8. Fictional books situated in Alaska

Most of the books by Jack London are situated here. Some of them have been made into films and TV shows.