Acknowledgements. These people all contributed to the data files:

- Raymond A. Fay, who passed away July 10, 1997. His friendship encouraged me to collect Alaska in the first place. He was during the 14 years I had the pleasure of knowing him a great friend to me. He provided a great wealth of information, cancels, clippings, photo's and much more. As a columnist to the organ of the Alaska Collectors Club (The Alaskan Philatelist) he unearthed hundreds and hundreds of new cancels and made all his information available to everyone. These files are dedicated to his memory.

- Ken Simon, Florida, who secured permission to use the Precancel type indicators for me

- Scott Shaulis of the Mailer's Postmark Permit Club who helped me greatly in the listing of Alaska Mailer's Postmark Permits. Without him less than half would have been listed!

- Robert Beeman, who helps me with new information all the time.

- Dr. Marc A. Wessels, who provided me with good new information.