The costs below are indicative only, they may change without notice. These costs are reimbursed if the packing materials are returned to us free of charge and undamaged. Please do not just give the packing materials to a truckdriver without proper documenting as otherwise these packing maerials will never reach us and thus you would never be reimbursed. A truckdriver will always have blank documents for you. The costs of returning the packing materials is at the customer's expense. Please ask first if you are unsure.

Packing typeCost ex VATCost inclunding VAT
wooden pallet (3) 43.35 52.45
wooden pallet (2) 32.69 39.55
wooden pallet (1) 22.02 26.64
Plastic crates 3.31 4.01
Low plastic crates 2.27 2.75
Boxpallet 21.00 25.41
palletfloor 11.39 13.78
CC trolley 0.00 0.00
single 0.00 0.00
Wooden pallets consist of a pallet floor plus on, two or three wooden rings on top, depending on the size of the plants in it. The size is almost always 80x120 cm. Crates are usually 30x40 cm, 4 fit exactly on 1 palletfloor. Please see this page for freight charges. In case of shipments by parcel post: the packing costs are included in the postal charges to be found at the page for shipping costs.