Group visits

For groups of garden lovers we offer a few extra possibilities. For groups of about 10 to 25 people we have the opportunity for a lunch. Of course this has to be arranged in advance, plaese allow at least a week for us to make all necessary arrangements. There are three options. A simple lunch in a picknick basket, which can be eaten while walking around. Then the same lunch, but sitting on a table in our shop building. Then a more elaborate lunch with soup etc. More info (sorry, only available in dutch) is here.

A guided tour is also possible. The theme of the tour can also be arranged, but the possibilities are not always the same during the year. Also a lecture with slides can be arranged, there are many themes possible here. Of course there are costs involved, please ask us for all possibilities.

Boskoop does offer more than us alone. There is the Boskoop Museum about the history of the nurseries here, a boat tour through the nurseries and the Harry van de Laar Show garden are just a few..