The costs for postal parcels are indicative! There are size and weight limitations. For most countries the weight limit per parcel is 30 kilos, in some cases it is 20 kilos. In general plants with size (including rootball or pot) larger than about 125 cm do not fit into a postal parcel and thus can not be sent this way. These must be sent by truck, see below. The postage costs here are including packing materials. If you are unsure, please ask us.

PriorityUntil KgsPostage and packing per parcel
yes 30 Kg 47.00


The shipping costs shown here are an approximation. There is however no provision here for charges for extra large or extra heavy plants, addresses that are hard or not at all reachable by a large truck and so on. Also many different combinations of packing materials are possible that can cause deviations from the costs listed here. Charges vary by shipping zone, see the table below to find your shipping zone.

For the costs of the packing materials themselves see below. If you are unsure please ask us, see link above.
Zone (see below)Number of pallets and/or cratesCharges excluding VATCharges including VAT
10 1 € 555.67 € 672.36
10 2 € 1026.17 € 1241.67
10 3 € 1481.79 € 1792.97

Shipping Zones. This works by postal code. Look for your Postal code area, the zone number is given next to it.

From Postal CodeTo Postal CodeZone
1000 8999 10


The costs for durable packing materials are indicative. By EU law we are required to charge these costs, which we also by law must be reimbursed when returned to us intact and free of charge to us. Do NOT give the packing materials to a driver without a written Bill of Lading as otherwise the packing materials will never be returned to us! Ask us if you are unsure.

Kind of packing materialCost excluding VATCost including VAT
wooden pallet (3) 68.00 82.28
wooden pallet (2) 51.50 62.32
wooden pallet (1) 35.00 42.35
Plastic crates 3.31 4.01
Low plastic crates 2.48 3.00
Boxpallet 21.00 25.41
palletfloor 12.50 15.13
One-way pallet 5.00 6.05
single 0.00 0.00
Wooden pallets consist of a pallet floor measuring most often 80x120 cm and 1, 2 or 3 wooden build-ups on top, sometimes with a lid. The plastic crates measure 30x40 cm, exactly 4 fit on 1 pallet floor.