How to use this shop?

It is really easy: Find the plant or book you want by category, alphabetically or through the various search options provided, such as the Plant characteristics and, for the books, by author or category.Then press the 'Buy' button. The current content of your shopping basket appears. If you want to change the quantity or delete an item, do not forget to use the 'Update Cart' button. You can immediately carry on shopping by repeating the process.

Are you ready shopping and the content of your shopping cart is exactly as you want it press the 'Checkout' button. You then get a page where you enter your personal data. You can enter special instructions here too and you will be asked here whether the order must be sent to you or will be picked up. When these data are all entered press on 'Send order'.

Immediately you get a confirmation. Later you will get another one, when the order is entered into our ordering system. If you do not get it within 48 hours, please check first in your anti-spam filter, sometimes our confirmations get caught in there. If not found there, please contact us.

Does the shop not function as expected? You are unable to change quantities or add more products? Or does the Checkout page not come up? In almost all cases the problem is not the site, but the Internet security setting on your PC. This setting does not allow the use of so-called 'POST' data. Set your Internet security setting a little less sharp and very probably it does work correctly.