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It is our pleasure to present here our comprehensive plant catalogue. We kindly draw your attention to a few important points.
This catalogue is valid for the current season and is always updated when needed.

Because of the production method used for this catalogue we are able to keep this catalogue completely up to date. It is also the reason why we no longer have a printed version of the catalogue.

In relation to previous editions of this catalogue many more species and cultivars have been added and also more sizes. Unfortunately also several different plants had to be deleted.

In this on-line version of the plant catalogue there are now 8456 different plants listed.

The printed version of this catalogue does not have any picture of the plants, this on-line version however has pictures of 20075 different plants and of 13051 different plants there is more than 1 picture available.

We hope that all this information helps to make good choices.

We have a very wide selection of garden plants. It is however totally inevitable that of many, often the rarer, plants stocksi are severely limited and these often sell out quickly during the season. It is therefor important to place your order as early as possible to get a delivery as complete as possible. Besides that it simply takes time to prepare your order. We ask you kindly to tell us the desired pickup- or delivery date at least one week in advance. This assures that your order gets the best care as we can give it. For orders the principle 'call on Monday, pickup on Saturday' does work well. However, this is only valid for orders that do not contain perennials, grasses or ferns. For orders that do contain them the latest moment to get delivery is Friday the week before the scheduled delivery. For orders containing bamboos the date of the delivery must be known at least 2 weeks in advance. Calls for delivery that come in later can NOT be guaranteed to be ready on time!

It is unfortunately not the case that all listed plants are in stock all the time. Please consult the current stocklist, this list is updated about twice a week.

For the basis of the nomenclature used go here please.