Ilex crenata 'Ivory Tower'

  Ilex crenata 'Ivory Tower'    Ilex crenata 'Ivory Tower'   
Ilex crenata 'Ivory Tower'

White berried Japanese hol with bright green leaves, good bran. The size after 10 years is 200 cm. The berries to be white. This plant is completely hardy.

Location of the plant shown in the first picture : Kwekerij PlantenTuin Esveld

Date taken : 21.10.2001

Common name : Holly

Family : Aquifoliaceae

© first picture : Nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld, Boskoop, Netherlands

© picture 2 : Nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld, Boskoop, Netherlands, location picture : Kwekerij PlantenTuin Esveld

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