Aster 'Lady in Blue'

Dumosus type. Regular replanting against mildew. The average size is 40 cm. The flower colour is blue lilac. This plant is hardy.The flowering period is September - Oktober.

This plant has in the system Hansen/Mussel used for describing perennials the following code :

Explanation of the first digit : General location : BORDER. Plants with good colouring effects or nice shape, for a open, well drained soil.

Explanation of the second digit : Specific demands of the plant : Plants that are used to complete the border.

Explanation of the third digit : Where to put : Originally meadowplants, for a cool, sometimes wet place, also sometimes in the shade.

Explanation of the fourth digit : Other characteristics : Ground-cover plant. Does tolerate other plants well. Suited for a garden with many different plants.

Color : blauw

Flowering period : september

Size approx. : 40 cm.

Recommended quantity per square meter : 7

Family : Asteraceae

Possible alternative :
Aster 'Professor Anton Kippenberg'. Main difference: Both High 40 Code 6222 blue (09)

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