Abies nordmanniana 'Pendula'

  Abies nordmanniana 'Pendula'    Abies nordmanniana 'Pendula'    Abies nordmanniana 'Pendula'   
Abies nordmanniana 'Pendula'

Upright growing Greek spruce with stiff pendulous branche. The size after 10 years is 750 cm. The needle colour is green. This plant is completely hardy.

Common name : Fir

Family : Pinaceae

© first picture : PlantenTuin Esveld

© picture 2 : © Garden Picture - the large professional photo archive

© picture 3 : Nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld, Boskoop, Netherlands, location picture : Provinciaal Domein het Leen, Eeklo, B.

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