Veronica austriaca 'Knallblau'

  Veronica austriaca 'Knallblau'    Veronica austriaca 'Knallblau'    Veronica austriaca 'Knallblau'   
Veronica austriaca 'Knallblau'

Ereprijs with, zoals the cultivarname all does vermoeden,. The size after 10 years is 40 cm. The flower colour is blue. This plant is hardy.The flowering period is May - June.

This plant has in the system Hansen/Mussel used for describing perennials the following code :

Explanation of the first digit : General location : OPEN SPACES. Plants for an open space, free of trees and shrubs. Always in the sun and a more or less rich soil.

Explanation of the second digit : Specific demands of the plant : Plants for a sunny, but somewhat cool place.

Explanation of the third digit : Where to put : Plants to be used in combination with rock-garden plants.

Explanation of the fourth digit : Other characteristics : Ground-cover plant. Does tolerate other plants well. Suited for a garden with many different plants.

Color : blauw

Flowering period : may - june

Size approx. : 30 cm.

Recommended quantity per square meter : 7

Location of the plant shown in the first picture : Helmingham Hall Engel

Date taken : 25.05.2014

Family : Scrophulariaceae

© first picture : Nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld, Boskoop, Netherlands

© picture 2 : Nurseries PlantenTuin Esveld, Boskoop, Netherlands, location picture : privetuin Kooij in Schellinkhout

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