Leucanthemum 'Alaska'

  Leucanthemum 'Alaska'    Leucanthemum 'Alaska'   
Leucanthemum 'Alaska'

Rich flowering Aster that not only in the sunny border. The average size is 80 cm. The flower colour is white. This plant is hardy.The flowering period is June - July.

This plant has in the system Hansen/Mussel used for describing perennials the following code :

Explanation of the first digit : General location : BORDER. Plants with good colouring effects or nice shape, for a open, well drained soil.

Explanation of the second digit : Specific demands of the plant : Plants that are used to complete the border.

Explanation of the third digit : Where to put : For a warm, sunny place, tolerates occasional dry spells. Note that they do not tolerate very wet conditions in the winter well.

Explanation of the fourth digit : Other characteristics : Suitable for cut-flowers.

Color : wit

Flowering period : june - july

Size approx. : 80 cm.

Recommended quantity per square meter : 7

Location of the plant shown in the first picture : Floriadepark Venlo 2012

Family : Asteraceae

© first picture : Marlien van der Linden

© picture 2 : Th. Ploeger & Zn BV

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