The nomenclature in this catalogue is based on the International Code for Nomenclature ofCultivated Plants.The following botanical books form the basis:

- Dr. G. Krüssmann: Manual of Broad-leaved Trees and Shrubs, 3 vols. 1985-1986 (no longer available)

- Id. Manual of Cultivated Conifers, 1985 (no longer available)

- D.M. van Gelderen et al. Maples of the World, 1993 (no longer available)

- W.J. Bean: Trees and Shrubs, Hardy in the British Isles, 8th edition, 5 vols. (no longer available)

- Dendroflora: a series of Year Books published by the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Societyand the Dutch Dendrological Society. (see the bookshop for details)

- Cullen & Chamberlain: Revision of the genus Rhododendron, (Notes R.B.G. Edinburgh)(no longer available)

- PPO: Checklist of names of woody plants, 8th revised edition, 2010 (no longer available)

- PPO: Checklist of names of perennials, 6th revised edition, 2010 (see the bookshop for details)

- Zander: Handbook of Plant Names, 2002 (no longer available)

- Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary of Gardening, 1992, 4 vols. (no longer available)