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Explanation of the abbreviations and codes used

Recommended literature :
Philippa Bensley : Climbers & and Wallplants

SCHISANDRA (Schisandraceae) stocklist Plant shop
medium to full shade; peaty soil

Schisandra affinis 'Bicolor' = Schisandra affinis 'BWJ8151' (BICOLOR)
Schisandra bicolor Order this -/-
Schisandra chinensis Order this -/-
Schisandra chinensis 'Propinqua' = Schisandra propinqua var. sinensis
Schisandra grandiflora Order this -/-
Schisandra propinqua Order this -/-
Schisandra propinqua var. sinensis Order this -/-
Schisandra sphenanthera Order this -/-

SCHIZOPHRAGMA (Hydrangeaceae) stocklist Plant shop
medium to full shade; self attaching; autumn colour; nice inflorescences

Schizophragma fauriei Order this -/-
Schizophragma fauriei 'Angel Wings' Order this -/-
Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Moonlight' Order this B/L pot 9.91 10.50
Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Roseum' Order this B/L pot 8.96 9.50
Schizophragma hydrangeoides 'Windmills' Order this -/-
Schizophragma integrifolium Order this B/L pot 14.15 15.00

SOLANUM (Solanaceae) stocklist Plant shop
sunny; shelter in winter; fruits poisonous

Solanum jasminioides Order this -/-
Solanum jasminioides 'Albiflorum' Order this pot 9.43 10.00
Solanum jasminoides 'Aureovariegatum' Order this -/-

STAUNTONIA (Lardizabalaceae) stocklist Plant shop
medium shade; tub plant; evergreen

Stauntonia hexaphylla Order this B/L pot 16.51 17.50

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